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Concrete is not a “newbie-friendly” material and that is why you should always have a professional concrete placer and finisher in the South Holland Il Area. There are many factors and decisions involved in concrete placing beyond the actual work to be done. This is where our true professional concrete services come in. Our professional staff can help you install the right type of concrete and inform you on what steps needs to be taken for your concrete project to be a success

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Getting a quote from our qualified concrete contractors is the first step involved to getting your cement project on track.The concrete quote is free and of no obligation to you. Whether you are looking for a stamped concrete contractor or just want a plain broomed concrete finish, our company will be here to service your needs on budget and on time. No job is to big or small!

How to build Solar Panels

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy is working on a special policy for roof-top solar units, mr Tarun Kapoor, Joint Secretary, MNRE, said today.


Speaking at Intersolar India, a conference of the solar industry here, and also at a press conference later, mr Kapoor said that the government is “working on several options”. To aid policy formulation, a “brainstorming meeting” of all the electricity distribution companies (discoms) will take place in New Delhi on the 20th of this month.

The discussion would revolve around why, even with a 30 per cent capital subsidy, the ‘roof-top solar’ has not taken off in India.

“we will come up with something very special for roof-tops,” mr Kapoor said. Today, the economics works out very well. With 30 per cent subsidy (on the cost of equipment), the cost of generation would work out to Rs 7, he said.

Net metering

He observed that ‘Net metering’, where a household could both receive power from and feed into the grid and be billed only for the Net consumption, is very important for the development of roof-top solar units.

Today, legally the discoms can do it, mr Kapoor said, observing that they are perhaps not sensitised to the issue.

He said that the industry is also not attuned to roof-top solar. “I have been telling them ‘please look at roof-tops’,” he said, adding that the industry itself is not much aware of the potential.

Solar resource assessment

Mr Kapoor said that the Government was confident that the country would have the targeted 1,100 MW of installed solar power capacity by 2013. Stressing on the need for gathering of data of solar irradiance, mr Kapoor said that the Government has installed “51 solar stations” across the country till now. A massive programme is under way to do solar resource assessment all across India.

Answering a question, he said that one of the key learnings from the phase-I of the National Solar Mission was that it was advisable to have ‘solar parks’ where several developers could put up their projects.

Solar parks makes the job of putting in place the transmission infrastructure easy, he noted. another learning was the importance of scale.

Resources: Experienced solar panel installers

Cheap Gaming Chairs

If your concept of the best gaming chair is something that feels close to the real thing. So if you are playing a racing game, feeling like you are in the race track would be a great gaming experience! Also true with flight simulator games, feeling what it is like flying a plane would be a great gaming experience. Such experience cannot be achieved with a rocker gaming chair or any typical pc gaming chair for that matter even if you grab the best steering wheel and shifter for that matter. If you need the ultimate gaming chair for racing and flight simulator games, BlueTiger is the brand to call.


BlueTiger and Motion Simulators

What makes BlueTiger gaming chairs different from the rest of the readily-available gaming chairs for PC and console out there is their motion simulator feature. BlueTiger provides the gamer a realistic experience in gaming by accurately matching the motion simulated by the vehicle inside the game whether it’s a race car on the ground or a fighter jet on the skies.

This company takes toys for big boys on a whole new level! Every BlueTiger simulator gaming chair is customized to the buyer’s preferences and there’s a whole list of parts to choose from and making one wherein you could spend from $9,000 to $14,400 in a single setup. BlueTiger guarantees you’d get the best gaming chair for your game on this level! This ultimate gaming chair will require some investment and is for serious gamers only.

Supported Gaming Platforms

So you might be asking what gaming platforms the BlueTiger gaming chair setups support. This is a PC gaming chair and it requires a typical desktop PC setup fit for gaming. The BlueTiger does have its own computer for it to run the simulations and the entire setup without adding burden to your gaming machine.

The BlueTiger Hardware

Unlike racing and flight simulator gaming chairs you can purchase readily at typical online stores which uses steering wheels, flight sticks and gear shifters from popular brands like Logitech, Thrustmaster and others; BlueTiger makes everything in-house.

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Computer Recycling Houston

You’re probably here because you’re looking for ways to equip you business with affordable technology in a downturn, or you’d like to dispose of technology that your organization can no longer use. Both of these reasons are commendable and display superb business sense.

But did you know that there’s another very important reason why it’s a good idea to buy or sell used technology or at the very least seek responsible eWaste disposal?
Unease is increasing about the impact all this technology is having on our environment when it becomes obsolete and has to be discarded. When you consider that in our age of high- disposability, many irresponsible companies are ditching equipment that is still usable, adding to the already overpowering burden that technical waste is having on our environment.
Two critical issues are:
• How can technical waste impact the environment?
• What can we do to ensure responsible ewaste disposal?

Technical Waste (eWaste) and the Environment

Simply put, if you bring in a professional computer liquidator like AndoverCG when you’re done with your equipment, you’re doing the planet a favor. This kind of environmentally-preferred purchasing (sorry, government-speak there) is kind to our environment as well as to the economy and cash-strapped business startups.
Fist let’s take a look at the consequences for all of us when eWaste is disposed of irresponsibly: EWaste is the fastest growing component of the colossal stream of garbage produced by today’s society. While electronic components might seem innocuous enough, many are amazed to find just how dangerous they can be.
So what kind of toxic waste is produced by discarded computers?

Toxins that Come From Technology

Cathode ray tubes (CRTs), which are a component of computers, contain heavy metals such as lead, mercury, barium and cadmium.
These pose a serious threat to human health if they if they should enter the water system or the food chain. Once they enter the human body they can cause serious damage to the human nervous system causing such serious disorders as paralysis and mental retardation. Check more info Computer Recycling Houston.

Can Phones be Solar Powered?

First of all…

What is solar power?

Solar power is taking the sun’s energy and converting it into electricity.

For example, the sun’s rays reach the earth and when it does you can capture it with things like solar panel.

solar panel
solar panel

Things like calculators are solar powered, so why can’t phones be?

Well, you see, a calculator or toy can be solar powered because they don’t take much power.


A mobile phone takes a lot of energy in comparison.

The technology just isn’t there.

There are solar powered phone cases and phone chargers.


What can we do to further the advancement of solar energy?


There are many things we could do.

First of all, we could teach it in our schools to a degree where the importance of solar energy is really stressed…

…thus making student more engaged in the subject.

We could adopt more solar energy equipment.

By doing this we would be pushing companies to create more solar powered products.

What will happen next?

Companies will start competing with each other and further advance the technology to beat their competition.

Mobile phones don’t look like they’re going away anytime soon.


Mobile phones have become an extension of out body.

Our life is literally on them.

Whether that’s general media or work life.

People all over the world have a phone and by making them solar powered you would be saving an incredible amount of energy.

This will help with global warming, pollution, and the economy.

I believe solar will eventually win because there’s no other sustainable power source that we know of.

Or at least a power source that is close to being mainstream.