Fence Problems That Require Repair

Weather and wear and tear might leave your fence looking a little rough around the edges. In this video, you can see what kinds of issues require your attention.


Take a look at your fence to see if there are any areas that need repair. You should watch out for cracked paint, loose nuts or bolts, and rotten wood. Fence repair will return your fence to its original appearance and ensure that its parts are in good working order. After the fence is repaired, it should look great and open cleanly.

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Install Subwoofer in car

Installing a subwoofer system in your vehicle will give you a much better sound from your stereo. However, it is not easy to install a subwoofer in an automobile due to space restrictions and other complexities; this is the reason subwoofer installation undertakings are hard to carry out. Nevertheless, it is fairly easy to install if you have the right tools and knowledge to carry out the procedure. Here is a step-by-step guide for subwoofer installation in your vehicle.

Step 1: Be ready with the necessary tools and equipment

The most basic requirements are having a subwoofer box, a subwoofer, an amplifier and a wiring kit. You’ll also need wires of different length and gauges: a 20 feet 10 gauge insulated wire, a 3 feet 10 gauge insulated wire, a 15 feet 16-18 gauge wire and RCA cables (more than 15 feet long); if the RCA cable doesn’t have both the red and white connections in it, you’ll need to have two of them. Apart from the parts mentioned above, you’ll also need an in-line fuse of 50 amps or higher, wood screws, speaker wires and a basic tool set.

Depending on the power of your amplifier, the power and ground wires need to be selected; the more powerful the amplifier, the thicker the wires need to be.

Step 2: Selecting the right Subwoofer and Amplifier

This is the step where you have to be very careful when making the choice. Selecting the right speaker and amplifier can be tricky, and you need to consider many factors before making the jump. The two should complement each other and not ruffle the sound produced. You’ll also have to take the size of the speaker into consideration. The subwoofer box that you opt for should have enough space to fit the speaker.

Step 3: Wiring

This is a crucial step of the installation. Always make sure that you draw power directly from the battery and not from the fuse box; the reason for this is to avoid noise produced by the engine. The wiring operation should start with removing the metal firewall under the hood of the car; this is done to run the insulated power cable to the engine compartment where the battery is placed. Strip off the insulated end of the wire and attach the in-line fuse to this end. Don’t connect the wire to the battery as of yet, as it might short it.

The rest of the wire should be run under the carpet to the trunk of the car. Use wiring channels in your floor space if you have any. It is also a good idea to run the 16-16 gauge wire and the RCA cables from the stereo end to the trunk of the car.

Step 4: Connecting the wires to the audio system

First, you need to take out the head of your stereo system by following the instructions provided in your car manual. New stereo systems can easily be slid out after removing the clips provided to hold it in place. Next, you should be able to see the 2 RCA ports at the back of your stereo head unit. Plug the RCA cable connections by running them through the back of the center console. If your stereo doesn’t have a RCA port, you need to splice the wires with the rear speaker wires. It’s suggested that you buy a new stereo unit with RCA port; they are very cheap in the market today.

Then, you must make the stereo out connections. Start by running the 16-18 gauge wire to the center console; this wire switched on the amp when the stereo does too. Next, you need to connect this 16-18 gauge wire with the remote wires; they are usually colored blue. If you can’t find any remote wires, then you need to connect it directly to the fuse box. However, this will keep your amp always on when your car is running; you can hack this by installing a switch to power the amplifier only when necessary.

Step 5: Placing the speaker and the subwoofer

The speaker needs to be put in its box by making sure that it is fitted properly. Make sure that all the connections to the speaker are made and screw it to the box from outside using the holes provided. The subwoofer needs to be placed in the trunk of the car; each subwoofer installation procedure is unique depending on the car and the subwoofer system.

Step 6: Connecting the amplifier and powering up

Once all the connections are in place, it is time to wire the amp. There are totally four main wires that need to be connected to the amp: power cable from the battery, the 16-18 gauge wire, the 3 foot 10 gauge wire and the ground wire. The power cable should be connected to the ‘B+’ or ‘Pos.’ spot on the amp, the 16-18 gauge wire to the ‘Remote’ spot, the 2 foot 10 gauge wire on the ‘B-‘ or ‘Neg.’ spot, and then the ground wire to a bolt fixed to the body of the car.

The speaker wires need to be connected to the amplifier by matching the positive and negative terminals on the speaker end to their equivalent spots on the amplifier. If there is more than one channel for your speaker, then you need to bridge the amplifier to accommodate the connections.

Only after all this is done should you connect the power cable to the battery. Ensure that there is a large fuse present in the fuse holder before connecting the power cable. You can also use a battery clip to make the connection.

Step 7: Testing and Playing the Music

You have finally accomplished what you set out to do. The subwoofer installation is complete and it is time to turn on your system and test whether it is working or now. If there is any problem with the installation, then you need to check the wiring properly.

If everything has gone right, then enjoy the music on your new subwoofer system. There is no better feeling than listening to music on an audio system that you have installed by yourself.

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6 Electrical Safety Tips that Could Save Your Life

Electrical safety is extremely important.

There are electrical items all over the place and they can do serious damage if you don’t know how to protect yourself against them.

Here’ the first tip…

Electrical safety condition report: https://www.lightsandsockets.co.uk/electrical-installation-condition-report/

Don’t touch naked wires

Pretty obvious but you’d be shocked by the amount of people who do this.

Never fly kites around power lines


That kite will end up getting burnt to the ground and you could get electrocuted because of it if you line is made from a metal.

Obey warning signs

warning sign

Don’t be a hero and try impress people. If you see an area you’re thinking of going and their are electrical warning signs or just warning signs…

…then listen to them.

People who have ignored these signs and decided to do their own thing have ended up getting significant burns.

Electricity and puddles

If there’s a puddle and you find an active wire in it, avoid it unless you want to get significantly burned or killed!

If you’re visiting areas where the safety sucks, countries like India, then be very careful.

Don’t stick items into the toaster


I know it’s tempting when you see the red hot wires cooking your bread and you just want to stick a knife into it.

You may not get electrocuted but you may have to pay for a new toaster. Save money and don’t give in to that urge.

Unplug your charger from you phone

After your phone has charged, make sure to unplug it from your phone.

There have been so many cases where the phone has completely melted and exploded after the charger was left in all night.

Best DSLR camera for beginners

When you get more familiar with cameras especially DSLR cameras, you will realize that each year it’s more or less the same brands and same yet further developed new releases of older models are the ones who rock the most. Nikon’s D3400 is no exception from that.

Ever since D3200 appeared a couple of years back, this was among the most popular cameras for entry-level photographers. These features are all to be found in the new D3400 which is easy to use, cheap and quality-wise it’s perfect for new starters. Its value for price ratio is one of the best, and the further developed image quality are which make this camera so special.

New features include the Bluetooth Low Energy function that also means that the system of the camera also works with WiFi. Thanks to this, photo sharing is very easy, almost effortless.

The best DSLR cameras for intermediate users

Pentax K-70

When it comes to high-profile intermediate cameras, the choice is not easy as to which one to feature first and second. We couldn’t help but took this very special Pentax model as our first choice, simply because it sports so many outstanding and unique features, which other cameras simply lack. And all is paired up with a very friendly price too.


The cam’s unique features include a bright pentaprism viewfinder, a twin-dial design and a very specific cover and construction that make this machine still the best choice for nature photographers who want to take pics even in extreme weather conditions. If you are such a photographer, we suggest you look into buying the weather sealed lenses by the way.

The burst performance is excellent when compared to other pro machines of the sort, for instance, there is an intelligent in-built resolution system and Pixel Shift Resolution functionality too. The camera has a tilt-shift LCD screen which makes for easy use. The battery life is bordering perfection, and the price is lower than what you would expect to pay for such a hi-tech 4k camera.

Keyword Research – How to do it the Right Way

So you want to learn how to do keyword research.

Then that’s exactly what I’m going to go over in this post.

You see, there are many ways to do keyword research.

There are so many tools you can use, it’s unbelievable.

I’m going to be revealing an untapped keyword research method that has helped me rank websites over and over again.

It’s called Google suggests

You see, whenever you start typing something into Google, Google then tries to finish what you’re writing by giving you a list of suggestions.

Keyword Research

This is a fantastic way to do your keyword research because these are terms that people are typing into Google…

…that’s why google suggests it!

Now you might go ahead and pop these keywords into keyword tools and see no search volume.

But there’s one big problem with this approach!

Keyword tools do not accurately tell you the volume of a keyword.

For example, I’ve ranked for keywords that have said 0 search volume. I later ranked for it and started to get clicks.

Keyword tools are not accurate and should only be used as rough estimates.

If you’re looking for a more detailed way to make money through SEO, check out this guide.