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Need for speed is known for its street racing, Cop chases and customization and all of those things have been reviewed and will be talked about in this review today. So lets start with the feel of need for speed: Run, First loading the game and starting the campaign it got rate down to great action, interactions and stunning graphics. Need for Speed: Run definitely lived up to all of those expectations but did it really live up to the Need for Speed’s Reputation?
Now that we got the Graphics, Action and interactions there was something that bothered me off the start of the game. Once you got to driving there was something off , I couldn’t drive…. but shortly after i found out that the game does not allow the option to change hockeys for movement or acceleration. The shift key was the acceleration as the arrow keys were to turn left and right and brake was down arrow key and as usual the space as a hand brake. The game turned me off at the point as i myself love the w.a.s.d movement option.
Lets not turn away so fast! Though the controls changed for me i continued to play and shortly realised need for speed: run was quick to start the action is a high speed chase with a little twist i found myself falling in love with the twist which i will not say cause i would love everyone to experience that on there own. The action never stopped as the race’s got faster, The chases got more interesting. Until i hit my first read disappointment of the game.
It seems we cant customize the cars like we could in most Need for Speed titles, Yes there is customization but we cannot do it our selves we must select the customization out of three types and several colours then we where to get back on the streets and race, Oh well at least we got a wide range of high speed and amazing exotic cars to select and unlock which brought up my confidence and had me playing much more.

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