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6 Electrical Safety Tips that Could Save Your Life

Electrical safety is extremely important.

There are electrical items all over the place and they can do serious damage if you don’t know how to protect yourself against them.

Here’ the first tip…

Electrical safety condition report: https://www.lightsandsockets.co.uk/electrical-installation-condition-report/

Don’t touch naked wires

Pretty obvious but you’d be shocked by the amount of people who do this.

Never fly kites around power lines


That kite will end up getting burnt to the ground and you could get electrocuted because of it if you line is made from a metal.

Obey warning signs

warning sign

Don’t be a hero and try impress people. If you see an area you’re thinking of going and their are electrical warning signs or just warning signs…

…then listen to them.

People who have ignored these signs and decided to do their own thing have ended up getting significant burns.

Electricity and puddles

If there’s a puddle and you find an active wire in it, avoid it unless you want to get significantly burned or killed!

If you’re visiting areas where the safety sucks, countries like India, then be very careful.

Don’t stick items into the toaster


I know it’s tempting when you see the red hot wires cooking your bread and you just want to stick a knife into it.

You may not get electrocuted but you may have to pay for a new toaster. Save money and don’t give in to that urge.

Unplug your charger from you phone

After your phone has charged, make sure to unplug it from your phone.

There have been so many cases where the phone has completely melted and exploded after the charger was left in all night.

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