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You’re probably here because you’re looking for ways to equip you business with affordable technology in a downturn, or you’d like to dispose of technology that your organization can no longer use. Both of these reasons are commendable and display superb business sense.

But did you know that there’s another very important reason why it’s a good idea to buy or sell used technology or at the very least seek responsible eWaste disposal?
Unease is increasing about the impact all this technology is having on our environment when it becomes obsolete and has to be discarded. When you consider that in our age of high- disposability, many irresponsible companies are ditching equipment that is still usable, adding to the already overpowering burden that technical waste is having on our environment.
Two critical issues are:
• How can technical waste impact the environment?
• What can we do to ensure responsible ewaste disposal?

Technical Waste (eWaste) and the Environment

Simply put, if you bring in a professional computer liquidator like AndoverCG when you’re done with your equipment, you’re doing the planet a favor. This kind of environmentally-preferred purchasing (sorry, government-speak there) is kind to our environment as well as to the economy and cash-strapped business startups.
Fist let’s take a look at the consequences for all of us when eWaste is disposed of irresponsibly: EWaste is the fastest growing component of the colossal stream of garbage produced by today’s society. While electronic components might seem innocuous enough, many are amazed to find just how dangerous they can be.
So what kind of toxic waste is produced by discarded computers?

Toxins that Come From Technology

Cathode ray tubes (CRTs), which are a component of computers, contain heavy metals such as lead, mercury, barium and cadmium.
These pose a serious threat to human health if they if they should enter the water system or the food chain. Once they enter the human body they can cause serious damage to the human nervous system causing such serious disorders as paralysis and mental retardation. Check more info Computer Recycling Houston.

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