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If your concept of the best gaming chair is something that feels close to the real thing. So if you are playing a racing game, feeling like you are in the race track would be a great gaming experience! Also true with flight simulator games, feeling what it is like flying a plane would be a great gaming experience. Such experience cannot be achieved with a rocker gaming chair or any typical pc gaming chair for that matter even if you grab the best steering wheel and shifter for that matter. If you need the ultimate gaming chair for racing and flight simulator games, BlueTiger is the brand to call.


BlueTiger and Motion Simulators

What makes BlueTiger gaming chairs different from the rest of the readily-available gaming chairs for PC and console out there is their motion simulator feature. BlueTiger provides the gamer a realistic experience in gaming by accurately matching the motion simulated by the vehicle inside the game whether it’s a race car on the ground or a fighter jet on the skies.

This company takes toys for big boys on a whole new level! Every BlueTiger simulator gaming chair is customized to the buyer’s preferences and there’s a whole list of parts to choose from and making one wherein you could spend from $9,000 to $14,400 in a single setup. BlueTiger guarantees you’d get the best gaming chair for your game on this level! This ultimate gaming chair will require some investment and is for serious gamers only.

Supported Gaming Platforms

So you might be asking what gaming platforms the BlueTiger gaming chair setups support. This is a PC gaming chair and it requires a typical desktop PC setup fit for gaming. The BlueTiger does have its own computer for it to run the simulations and the entire setup without adding burden to your gaming machine.

The BlueTiger Hardware

Unlike racing and flight simulator gaming chairs you can purchase readily at typical online stores which uses steering wheels, flight sticks and gear shifters from popular brands like Logitech, Thrustmaster and others; BlueTiger makes everything in-house.

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