solar panel

Can Phones be Solar Powered?

First of all…

What is solar power?

Solar power is taking the sun’s energy and converting it into electricity.

For example, the sun’s rays reach the earth and when it does you can capture it with things like solar panel.

solar panel
solar panel

Things like calculators are solar powered, so why can’t phones be?

Well, you see, a calculator or toy can be solar powered because they don’t take much power.


A mobile phone takes a lot of energy in comparison.

The technology just isn’t there.

There are solar powered phone cases and phone chargers.


What can we do to further the advancement of solar energy?


There are many things we could do.

First of all, we could teach it in our schools to a degree where the importance of solar energy is really stressed…

…thus making student more engaged in the subject.

We could adopt more solar energy equipment.

By doing this we would be pushing companies to create more solar powered products.

What will happen next?

Companies will start competing with each other and further advance the technology to beat their competition.

Mobile phones don’t look like they’re going away anytime soon.


Mobile phones have become an extension of out body.

Our life is literally on them.

Whether that’s general media or work life.

People all over the world have a phone and by making them solar powered you would be saving an incredible amount of energy.

This will help with global warming, pollution, and the economy.

I believe solar will eventually win because there’s no other sustainable power source that we know of.

Or at least a power source that is close to being mainstream.

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