Best dryer vent cleaning San Antonio TX

Dryer vent cleaning San Antonio TX: Dryer vent cleaning is one of the most beneficial; yet, most often neglected, home maintenance chores. Here are 8 good reasons to have professional dryer vent services performed by the Wizard:

Reduced hazard of fire from a dryer vent that has become partially or totally clogged with lint, or otherwise obstructed, such as a non-approved duct being smashed. Even bird or insect nests can obstruct vents. More than 15,000 dryer fires occur annually in the U.S, and 90% of appliance fires are dryer-related.
Improved efficiency of the dryer operation. An obstructed vent (or one that is too long) can require 2, 3 or 4 cycles to dry a load that requires only a single cycle when operating properly. That increases energy costs, an unnecessary expense for the consumer. The dryer is the most energy-demanding appliance in the house. Many consumers think they need a new dryer, when they actually only need dryer vent servicing.
Reducing the number of cycles required to dry a load of clothes reduces the wear and tear on the dryer, extending its life and saving the consumer money.

Reduced threat of carbon monoxide poisoning for gas dryers. An obstructed vent may reduce the exhaust of burner gases to the outside and allow unsafe accumulation inside the house or building.
Less chance of mold in the dryer room or dryer vent area. The moisture extracted from the dryer load can accumulate inside the house when air flow in the dryer vent is obstructed.
Lower dust levels in the house from dryer lint. This can be a significant improvement for those with allergies. It may reduce the required house cleaning also!
Non-approved plastic (some of which look like metal foil) and/or ribbed vent materials are vulnerable to fire due to their combustibility, and also tend to collect lint more quickly. That requires the additional expense of more frequent dryer vent cleaning. Dryer Vent Wizard installs only approved smooth metal vent materials that minimize lint accumulation and are non-combustible.
Unnecessary high heat often results from improper dryer venting. That can damage clothes, and also increases the fire hazard.

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